Let's Build A Recession-Proof Business . . . Together

There's good reason why you should start a recession-proof business.

In 2008 we suffered a global recession. Unemployment soared as worldwide economies were forced to lay off staff. In an effort to to make ends meet, many people turned to the internet for ways to make enough money to put food on the table. Some of those people have become extremely successful online entrepreneurs.

Right now (2020) we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Covid-19 has already taken the lives of over 822,000 people around the world and it's by no means anywhere close to over. In efforts to contain the spread of the virus, shutdowns the world over have literally brought economies to their knees. Redundancies and job losses are rife, completely dwarfing the 2008 recession. The demand for making money online is at an all time high.

And there's no guarantee that when this pandemic is over that there won't be another. We've already been warned of the risks.

recession-proof-businessIn a world where everything is now online, why work in an office when you can stay at home, keep yourself and your family safe and make money while you sleep? You can even Uber Eats your favorite morning coffee!

Besides, an online business is one of the few that'll afford you a lifestyle of freedom. One where you can travel to your heart's content and work whenever and wherever you choose. A truly mobile lifestyle where you account only to yourself.

This doesn't mean that you must give up your job to start your recession proof business. This is something that you should get going as a sideline business while you support yourself and your family with your employment income. But it's something you can slowly transition into as your income grows. And eventually you'll turn it into a full time business. A fully automated, passive income driven business that will allow you to really live your life to the fullest.

And if you meet up with an event, any event, that could potentially place your well being in jeopardy, you know you'll be safe.

Don't wait for another world event - for your wallet to dry up. Start your recession-proof business now and be prepared for a risk free and stable future.

You Need Only 3 Essential Tools To Start A Recession-Proof Business

A Suitable Device

I recommend a laptop and a wireless mouse. You absolutely cannot build a website with a smartphone or a tablet. The nice thing about a laptop is that you'll have a decent screen size, a proper keyboard and mouse and as long as you have access to an internet connection, you can build your website from your local Starbucks.

A Website

A self hosted website is essential. This will give you:

  • Total control over your domain name as opposed to say www.yourwebsite.blogger.com.
  • Ability to use any external plugins (very important).
  • Full autonomy.

I recommend Bluehost for anyone who's starting out. They make the entire process of starting a blog as easy as pie and what's more is that:

  • Their service is phenomenal
  • Uptime is over 99%
  • Their hosting rates are brilliant
  • You get a free domain if you access their site through my link and . . .
  • If WordPress recommends them then they're good enough for anyone.

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